Pre-Interview Checklist

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To employers the interview is the most important part of evaluating a candidate. You have sent in your resume and finally, the phone rings. You are asked to come in for an interview. Review the checklist below to increase your chances of a successful interview. Remember, preparation is the key to success, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

YES      NO

____    ____    I know the full name of the company.


____    ____    I know the name, title and phone number of the contact person/interviewer.


____    ____    I have the address (suite number, etc.) of the interview.


____    ____    I have researched the company, the industry and the position I am applying for.


____    ____    I have accurate driving directions. If using public transportation, know your route in advance.


____    ____    I have a copy of my cover letter prepared for the company and position to which I am applying.


____    ____    I have a couple of extra copies of my resume.


____    ____    I have copies of letters of recommendation.


____    ____    I have a list of personal and professional references.


____    ____    I can effectively articulate 3-5 reasons why I am a good fit for the job.


____    ____    I can discuss the contents of my resume in detail.


____    ____    I have prepared at least 3 questions to ask my interviewer.


____    ____    I have a list of my employment history with full names, addresses and dates of employment.


____    ____    I have a pen and a notepad.


____    ____    I have reviewed possible interview questions and practiced my responses.


____    ____    I have prepared my clothes, shoes and accessories.


____    ____    I will get a good night's rest to avoid appearing tired or unattentive during my interview.

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